I imagine that the McCormick’s website must get more traffic this time of year than any other, considering that it’s pretty the perfect starting point for anyone looking for a legit Easter egg color guide. If you want to know just how to dye Easter eggs with food coloring, and just which exact combo of those teeny little drops will yield the perfect hues, this is the mothership.

While we’ve shared some outstanding natural ways to dye your Easter eggs, I also understand that when it comes to kids, sometimes a pale kinda-yellow-brown isn’t going to cut it when what they really want is bright neon orange. And that a kid like mine who loves turquoise (this year) will probably not settle for any other color of blue. Here’s an Easter egg color guide, complete with  tips from the Easter egg dyeing experts, so you can get the Easter egg colors you want.

Of course, feel free to experiment! Sometimes that’s the fun part.

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Easter Egg Color Guide: What You Need

Be sure to check out the McCormick’s Easter Egg dyeing guide for tons of tricks, fun crafts, and more detailed instructiions including their product recos.

What you need:

They also have a great tip for cutting holes in a used paper towel roll to use as a makeshift egg dryer. Upcycling!

Easter egg color guide: Dye combinations for classic colors

Bookmark this page or save the handy infographics to your phone’s camera roll for quick reference on Easter Sunday.

Easter Egg Coloring Guide from McCormick's

Turquoise: 2 drops blue, 5 drops green

Apricot: 4 drops green, 1 drop pink

Raspberry: 12 drops pink, 2 drops blue

Deep Purple: 7 drops blue, 3 drops pink,

Deep Blue: 1 drop purple, 9 drops blue, 2 drops green

Green Apple: 20 drops green, 2 drops blue

Easter egg color guide: Dye combinations for Pantone shades

McCormick's Easter Egg Dyeing Color Guide via Cool Mom Picks

Tangerine: 5 drops red, 24 drops yellow, 1 drop green

Marsala: 10 drops green, 20 drops red, 4 drops blue

Lucite green: 10 drops green, 2 drops blue

Strawberry Ice: 20 drops red, 1 drop green, 1 drop blue

 McCormick Food Dye Color Guide for Easter: How to get all the shades you want

You’ll also find the site is filled with tons of tips, tricks, techniques for creating the classic color-wash Easter eggs, designing fun marbleized Easter eggs, or experimenting with dyeing two-toned Easter eggs or  polka-dot Easter eggs — all adorable.

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