Gifts for the dad who has everything: 2014 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Gift ideas for the dad who has everything | Cool Mom Picks Father's Day Gifts 2014

You know the dad who has everything? The one who’s impossible to shop for? Yep, so do we. So even though we’ve now suggested dozens of Father’s Day gifts of all kinds, you might still be looking. And we feel for you. So here, we present some of our favorite gifts for the dad who seems to have everything. Some are splurgey, some are free, some just a little off the beaten-path. Hopefully there’s something here for the lucky paternal superstar in your life.  Besides your undying love and affection, of course. Which may in fact be all he needs.

Dove Men+Care

We’re happy to welcome our friends at Dove Men+Care who are in part sponsoring our gift guide, because they totally believe in taking care of dads, and celebrating those dads who take care of their families. Just like we do.

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Gifts for the dad who has everything: vintage style speedbag
This vintage style speedbag by fashion flash is so neat looking for an office, whether he’s in training, or just wants to feel like a tough guy.  ($89 on sale, Use our invitation link if you’re not already a member.)

Gifts for the dad who has everything: Original vintage baseball artwork at Topps
The Topps site has so many cool ideas for sports fans, like this original vintage baseball artwork. Fear not non-Bostonians; there are options from nearly every team in the league. ($9.99-69.99, Topps)


Gifts for the dad who has everything: Handmade Pocket Knife by Son of a Sailor
If he’s an adventurer or just likes to be cool and say “I’ve got it…” when you go to open a package in the mail, take a look at the gorgeously crafted handmade Pocket Knife by Son of a Sailor. It comes in handy in all sorts of situations; just remember to take it out of your pocket when you go through airport security. ($34, Cool Mom Picks indie shop at

Gifts for the dad who has everything - custom coloring page from the kids


If you’re crafty, we have tons of ideas for homemade gift ideas for dads, and one of our favorite from last year is printing a custom coloring page of Dad made from a photo of him, then letting the kids go to town.  (Free with code on Crayola 64 crayons box, Crayola Color Studio ; photo via Andy Hinds)

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Gifts for the dad who has everything: Artisan crafted hammock
The artisan crafted hammocks from Yellow Leaf are so hot right now, every day we check the site and another style is sold out. If this one is calling your name, grab it now. Throw in a great book while you’re at it, and a coupon for a few hours to himself. (This style $249, Yellow Leaf Hammocks; get a free tee with purchase with “DADSNORES” at checkout)



Gifts for the dad who has everything: Custom hand-painted Belle bike helmet
It’s awesome when you can get a dad something he’d really want but would never actually buy for himself. We think the custom hand-painted one-of-a-kind bike helmet from Belle Helmets fit the bill perfectly if he’s a cyclist. If not, it may just