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The Switch – Just don’t call it soda

We are not what you’d call a soda family. While I love a nice cold fountain Coke or Pepsi with a slice of pizza like every other New Yorker, it’s not something I keep around the house. But when my older nieces or friends’ tween kids come to visit – i.e. those who have already discovered the joys of carbonation – they are not so easily satisfied with a glass of juice. Which is why The Switch Sparkling Juice is a truly fabulous soda alternative. I want to call The Switch a soda. I mean, it seems like a...

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The lazy mom’s smoothie

My kids are fruit-eating machines, which is great except for when we get the urge to make a smoothie and have only a sad spotted banana left on the counter. Short of planting my own orchard, I’m happy to have discovered the new all-natural Chiquita Smoothies which are in fact all-natural–Something you rarely expect in the frozen foods section these days. Chiquita Smoothies use all fruit and fruit juices with no added sugars or artificial anything. And because they’re made without dairy or gluten, my food-allergic child is thrilled to be able to enjoy the same frozen strawberry-banana or...

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Cooking for kids just got 150 recipes easier

Recently, my Michael Pollan-obsessed sigOth and I have had some conversations about stepping up our meal preparation game for the kids. So I’m pleased to have discovered two new cookbooks that seem primed to help us find some options that lie somewhere between spaghetti with butter sauce and hiding vegetables in the cupcakes. The Toddler Cafe: Fast, Easy and Fun Ways to Please Even the Pickiest Eaters is a wonderfully helpful resource from chef, mom, and Food Network stylist Jennifer Carden. 50 truly creative family-friendly recipes for all times of day range from the imaginative (PB&J French Toast) to...

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Organic nut butters you would steal right out of your kid’s lunch box in a second

Thank goodness for peanut butter (and yogurt and cheese) for without it, I’m not entirely sure how my practically vegetarian girls would get any protein in them. And thank goodness for Justin’s Organic nut butters, which make me feel a little better about their addiction. If your kids are used to the really processed, smooth, sweet peanut butters…well, these are not those. What they are are absolutely delicious pure nut butters that come in fun little squeezable packs, making them easy to grab on the go (and certainly inspiring more confidence in my purse on hot days than yogurt)....

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A little squeez’ll do ya

I have to admit that the drinkable foods sort of freak me out. Applesauce with no spoon? Oh, the horror. But wouldn’t you know it, my kids can suck down the GoGo Squeez resealable applesauce in one huge gulp. Even I find myself getting over my issues and snatching up the yummy GoGo Squeez packets made by Materne, a French Company who’s been perfecting the art of applesauce since the 19th Century (no lie). And believe me, you can tell. The packs are plain fruit goodness — a combination of apples with strawberries or bananas — and absolutely no additives, preservatives,...

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GoPicnic – The real happy meals

With my daughter entering kindergarten in the fall, I must now add “pack a lunch” to my list of duties–something that is clearly not my fort?. So at least I know that in a pinch, I’ve got the GoPicnic kids Mighty Munch meals to turn to. These convenient prepacked meals are a smart, healthy alternative to the more mainstream (i.e. nitrate-laden) complete kids’ box lunches out there, featuring  natural foods and snacks – no refrigeration necessary – plus utensils. Even a temporary tattoo. Because what meal is not complete without tattoos? We’re personal fans of the Aqua Lunch (pictured),...

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Organic baby food that’s so good you may want to get some for yourself

Recently Liz and I attended the Fancy Food Show in New York where we found Tasty Baby, a line of frozen organic baby foods that may just cause me to exceed my superlatives usage quotient for the day. How do I know that this baby food tastes amazing? Because I inhaled a cup of Bangos (banana + mangos) while standing at the booth and then brazenly asked for another one — despite the fact I have no babies. This mom-run, eco-friendly, and very charitable company offers products for every stage of development, all of which are gluten-free, unsweetened, and...

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Y water? Because we like it.

Since bringing home a few bottles of Y Water to try out, my kids have been asking for it pretty much hourly. And that is saying something, because getting them to drink water lately is like getting them to eat foods that aren’t white. Basically the stuff is like a certified organic Vitamin Water but better tasting if you ask me. Combos of antioxidants and vitamins give each one a name like Brain Water, Muscle Water, or my favorite, Immune Water. I know your next question. And the answer is, yes indeedy there’s sugar in it – 10-11 grams...

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Cooking for kids with the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” method

When Missy Chase Lapine’s The Sneaky Chef appeared on the scene in ’07, I didn’t think I needed her help since my kids were pretty adventurous eaters. Shoot forward two years though and ho boy, do I need her. With her new book The Sneaky Chef to the Rescue, I was determined to tackle the abysmal eating habits of my four-year-old son. The basic premise of this new Sneaky Chef remains the same: Make a few easy purees with healthy ingredients like blueberries and spinach, or sweet potatoes and carrots, then mix those purees into kid-friendly dishes like meatballs...

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Everyone will cheer for Hip Hip Purees (even if they groan from the pun)

I am a stubborn mom, so I am going to continue to put vegetables on my kids’ plate at every meal, but I am practical enough to realize that they aren’t always been ingested. My son has been known to slide his plate down the table at maximum velocity while shouting, “I no like dis salad!” And because I’m an anti-scurvy type of mom as well, it does make sense to be a little bit stealthy sometimes. (Sometimes.) That’s where Hip Hip Puree comes in. These convenient tubes of pureed, organic vegetables can be stored in the freezer and...

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