My favorite of the coolest kids’ albums of 2013 are as eclectic and diverse as the kids who listen to them. So whether you like it loud and rocking, prefer your music to have a bit more soul, or would like to sing along en Espanol, here’s our top picks for you stock up on and freshen up those playlists.


Cool Mom Picks Best of 2013


1. Shine and the Moonbeams by Shine and the Moonbeams
Soulful and smooth, with the unforgettable voice of Shawana Kemp at the helm, this is my #1 pick of 2013.


Singing Our Way Through by Alastair Moock | Cool Mom Picks

 2. Singing our Way Through–Songs for the World’s Bravest Kids by Alastair Moock
The year’s bravest album for the world’s bravest kids. Inspiring, with songs that will touch everyone.


 Recess by Justin Roberts | Cool Mom Picks

3. Recess by Justin Roberts
Another kids’ classic by one of the best-loved singers. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be singing the lyrics just as loudly as the kids.


Deep Sea Diver by Recess Monkey | Cool Mom Picks

4. Deep Sea Diver by Recess Monkey
Catchy, rocking-pop music by this prolific kindie trio from Seattle. Jump right in, the water’s fine!

 Blink of an Eye by Frances England | Cool Mom Picks

5. Blink of an Eye by Frances England
Gorgeous voice and touching lyrics on this acoustic release, this one is written as much for us grownups as it is for the kids.


Kidquake by the Not-Its | Cool Mom Picks

6. Kidquake! by The Not-Its!
Nobody rocks like The Not-Its! My pick for gray days when you could all use a reason to jump on the couch.


Turn Turn Turn by Zanes and Mitchell | Cool Mom Picks

7. Turn Turn Turn by Elizabeth Mitchell and Dan Zanes
Packed with folk classics and soon-to-be classics, this family-friendly collaboration between Dan Zanes and Elizabeth Mitchell is one I hope we’ll hear in upcoming years too.


Pleased to Meet You by Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke | Cool Mom Picks

8. Pleased to Meet You by Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke
Fans of indie music and smart wordplay will be very happy to meet this collection of songs for kids.


Fantastico by Lucky Diaz | Cool Mom Picks

9. Fantastico! by Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band
Muy fantastico Spanish-language album for kids that also happened to win a Latin Grammy this year.


Are We There Yet by The Verve Pipe | Cool Mom Picks

10. Are We There Yet? by The Verve Pipe
These rockers turn their mics again toward a younger audience and deliver such fun, smart, and–yes–rocking music we all love to hear.


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