Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how to support my fellow pandemic parents, and I’ve landed on sending some funny, “just-because” cards as a start. To be clear, I think every parent who’s survived the past 18 months deserves a personal chef, lifetime supply of pedicures, and a paid vacation on a private beach in Aruba where somehow email is disabled but Netflix still flows at fiber speeds.

A mom can dream, right?

In the meantime I’m sending my pals some uplifting, fun, affirming greeting cards just to let them know that hey, you’re doing great, hang in there, and I’m here for you if you need.

In fact, I can’t think of a single friend who couldn’t use one of these in her mailbox right this very second.


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Just-because cards to send to friends who could use a little love


Just-because greeting cards: Jonathan Van Ness Kelly Clarkson card | Breton Mama

This Jonathan Van Ness + Kelly Clarkson card is serving me joy, it’s serving me playfulness, it’s serving me a lot of encouragement before I even put it in the mail. Thanks to Breton Mama on Etsy for capturing our favorite cheerleader/life coach/beard groomer in card form. At least until I can send out one of those new Queer Eye LEGO sets.


Just-because greeting cards: Roy Kent card | Stickers Lovers Studio

Whether your friend is looking for a new job, hair colorist, or actual boyfriend (since tragically, Roy Kent is taken but a lovely woman and is, furthermore, a fictional TV character), this card is a fun reminder that they deserve the best. Thanks, Stickers Lover Studio, for this Roy Kent card.

Update: Unfortunately this shop is no longer, but you can download a similar Don’t You Dare Settle printable poster here, and turn it into your own card!

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This "keep going" card makes sure a friend who can use a lift sees a clear sign that they should indeed keep going

Sometimes you just need…a sign. A sign to keep going. That’s just what you’ll get with this Keep Going encouragement card from Kindred Greetings Co. That, plus a big smile — especially when it’s sent by you. Similarly, check out the artist’s “This is a Sign: Good Things are Coming” card should that strike the right note.

Just-because greeting cards: Meerkat card | Em and Friends

Y’all know I couldn’t write this round-up without at least one Em and Friends (FKA Emily McDowell) card. her shop offers so many perfect options for just-because cards, depending on the personality of the recipient, but I think you can’t go wrong with this affirming meerkat card. Because clearly you have a friend out there somewhere who is the best, and should know it.

Just-because greeting cards: David Rose card | Pixie Card Co.

Some friends prefer wry cards to earnest, direct expressions of affection, and for them I present this David Rose Schitt’s Creek card from Pixie Card Co. When you know, you know.

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Just-because greeting cards: Messed up world card | Sad Shop

Yep, this pretty much sums it up. If you have a friend in mind who’s made this pandemic a little more bearable — if only over Zoom — I think they’d be the perfect candidate for this Messed up world card from one of our very favorite card-makers on Etsy, Sad Shop.

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Just-because greeting cards: Beyoncé card | Sketchy Print Co.

This BeyoncĂ© “slay all day” card from Sketchy Print Co. can be customized to either be blank or include a birthday message. But really, any day is a good day to receive positive affirmations from BeyoncĂ© in the mail.


Just-because greeting cards: Ride or Die card | Yeoah Greetings

For your friend who went and TOTALLY REDEEMED THEMSELF, this Ride or Die card inspired by Dumb and Dumber will fit the bill. For the friend you’d willingly develop snot icicles for. Thanks, Yea Oh Greetings.


The world is lucky to have you card from Kadeja Liggans on Etsy: Send it to a friend who needs a pick me up

No better way to affirm a friend’s entire life, than reminding them that they mean a lot to you — but that’s just the beginning. For a friend who makes an impact, check out this World is Lucky to Have You “just because” card designed by Kadeja Liggans. It’s the kind of card you leave on your nightstand, desk or bookshelf, and keep it there. Forever.

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Just-because greeting cards: Worst card | Space Pig Press

If by worst, you also mean the very best. Got a friend who appreciates sarcasm? Find this lovingly sarcastic Worst card at Space Pig Press, sign it — then be sure to follow up with a phone call so you can really tell them all the reasons you love them as they are.