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Kids recreate the Black Panther posters, and it's everything


Sometimes a movie means a lot more than just a movie. Take a look at this spectacular photo series and why it’s so meaningful for more kids to see themselves reflected back in their on-screen heroes.

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7 free budget apps to help keep your family (and money) on track in 2018

Whether you’re trying to stick to a budget or just get your finances in order, we’ve tracked down 7 free family budgeting apps that could help you track spending, save some cash, pay off bills and more!

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The ultimate Chrismukkah gift: Found it!

The other night, at my annual apartment building Christmas party -- that's the NYC version of a block party, by the way -- a neighbor asked, "so who here gets Chinese food and sees a movie on Christmas?" Basically, everyone raised a hand. So here I am, dying laughing...

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