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7 easy school lunch ideas for St. Patrick’s Day from rainbow fruit to leprechaun sandwiches. (Contains no actual leprechauns.)

St. Patrick’s Day falls on a weekday this year which means it’s time to get festive with your kid’s bento box. (How’s that for a super specific column for you? St. Patrick’s Day Bento Lunches.) Don’t worry: You don’t need a PhD in crafts—or even the luck of the Irish—to take on these school lunch ideas for St. Patrick’s Day. Each is simple to make, even after a couple of pints of Guinness. Kidding. Kind of. Related: 5 copycat Shamrock Shake recipes. You can even pack them in a Thermos.    Don’t fret if you don’t have a set of...

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The Bentgo lunch box for kids: Could this be a better bento?

My kids tend to like a lunch made up of several snack-sized options, which can be such a pain to pack. And certainly no fun when they get home with a bunch of little containers for me to clean out. And while their bigger-kid appetites might be too large to be contained in the clever Bentgo Kids portable lunch box, those of you with younger grazers will appreciate this smart, easy-to-pack, dishwasher-safe container. Bentgo Kids makes the compartmentalization that we love about bento lunch box systems a little more kid-friendly. The one-piece molded tray is just perfect for half a sandwich or a small salad, plus three other...

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Think outside of the cookie box: 7 easy, festive recipes to make use of your Halloween cookie cutters

I’m taking a stand: No more seasonal cookie cutters for a single use. If I can’t use the cookie cutter for multiple purposes I’m not buying it, and I don’t think you should either. Now we just have to figure out how to use the pile of cookie cutters that we already have! With Halloween coming up, I found seven easy, delicious ways to use your pumpkin-shaped Halloween cookie cutters. Now you just have to find them in that junk drawer. PS: If you don’t already own pumpkin-shaped Halloween cookie cutters, now you can officially buy a set. You’re welcome.   These...

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3 cool new feeding utensils for babies that reinvent how they learn to eat

Baby food. Oh, baby food. Some parents love it, but me, I dreaded the mess. Still, your baby has to learn how to use a spoon sometime, and that can be harder than you might think, with all of that scooping, balancing, and mouth-eye coordination. So we’ve come across three new feeding utensils for babies that are making it so much easier for them to feed themselves. Yay for learning–and for no more pureed avocado on the curtains.   NumNum Dips are an innovative fork-spoon-spatula thing that’s like training wheels for your baby as he learns to feed himself. NumNum as designed them...

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – from the big screen to your kid’s lunchbox

If Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the hit at the box office that it was on TV back in the 80’s I suspect a whole lot of kids will be flipping for this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bento box lunch found at Alpha Mom. I am so not the Pinterest-approved, bento-making mom; if I pull out a lunch punch and go to town on my kids’ sun butter sandwiches, they think I got all creative on them. But this? I could actually pull off with a little effort. Especially since it’s made with food my kids will actually eat–right down to the goldfish and...

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Panda school supplies: Our vote for cutest 2014 back to school trend.

We thought hedgehogs, foxes, even narwhals would hit it big as the hot animal for kids his year. And yes, they have. But of all things, we’re also noticing a ton of adorable panda school supplies and we can’t say we’re complaining. If your kids awwww at them as much as ours do, here are some of our favorites.       Panda preschool Backpack and Panda Zoo Lunchie ($20, $14 Skip*Hop) What preschooler or little kid would not want to skip to school holding one–or both–of these cute panda supplies in their paws. Actually, my seven-year old likes the lunch...

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7 cool snack containers for kids that beat plastic bags

We’ve got a gaggle of snackers in our homes, so cool snack containers for kids are an absolute must. They’re a far more eco-friendly choice over plastic bags, which as we all know by now not only saves waste but plenty of money over the long run. Plus, we’ve found that packing our own snacks before we head out actually forces us to make healthier choices for the kids when we’re on the go. Let’s admit it–rest stops and c-stores can be filled with some less ideal temptations when you’re already starving. We’ve rounded-up seven of our own favorite reusable snack containers that are...

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If you can’t run away to the circus, run away to camp with the circus in your lunch bag.

As I start to evaluate my kids’ lunchboxes and decide which will actually hold up through summer camp, and which require a loving send-off, I come across these wonderful new lunch bags for kids and coordinating accessories from our friends at ISAK. There’s a wonderful, quirky collection filled with Scandinavian style and color that includes a lunch bag, bento boxes, a plastic water bottle and a vacuum-packed flask for hot and cold drink.  And if circus isn’t your theme, I also love the playful purple set with their signature happy girls across the lids.         They’re adorably colorful...

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Space boy to the rescue! Or…to the lunchroom!

As I start to take inventory of our end-of-school-year bento boxes and food storage options, I ask myself, where did all the freaking lids go? Then I quit complaining and start looking for replacements. {Don’t miss a great limited time offer after the jump!} I cannot hold back my love for this spaceboy lunch bento box. It’s not cheap, but it is on sale for a limited time, and it is adorable. And hopefully the lid makes it back home this time. Made from BPA-free plastic with EU standards (always reassuring) the design isn’t only cool, the 6″x5.5″ size...

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A bento box you will fight your child for

My kids and I are suckers for cool lunch boxes and bento boxes.  We are constantly stealing each others–they take my “sophisticated” boxes and sometimes I borrow Hello Kitty. And now here’s another amazing bento box that anyone of any age will love. When I first saw the Takenaka Bento Box, I was floored! The design is sleek and sophisticated enough for me to take to work, while the multiple color choices keep them fun for the kiddos.  Each box comes with a removable divider, making it a breeze to keep the carrot sticks away from the apple slices....

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