Creative personalized gifts that make us go, whoa


There are so many companies these days with the technology to smack a name onto just about anything and call it a personalized gift. But hey, we’re picky! These are some really special, clever, creative personalized gifts that make for some extra-wonderful holiday gifting for pretty much everyone on your list. 

And yes, typography matters. So there. 

Creative personalized gifts that make us go, whoa.

All picks have been editorially determined by our staff. There has been no compensation for inclusion in this guide. 

This guide contains affiliate links and some purchases help support our own small business at no additional costs to you.. 

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Creative personalized gifts: custom artwork from a loved one's handwriting at the Rooted Pair

Personalized artwork from loved one’s handwriting

Oof…include some tissue with this one, perhaps.

$35, The Rooted Pair

Use code COOLMOMS for 10% off site wide

Creative personalized gifts: Custom name Mandala necklaces by Heidi J Hale

Your name turned into a mandala necklace

Look closely — subtle, and wonderful 

$89+ Heidi J Hale

Personalized fabric of our family building blocks

Personalized fabric of our family blocks art

if you can’t order it in time for Christmas, this is one personalized gift totally worth an IOU.

$150, Uncommon Goods

Creative personalized gifts: custom Game of Thrones family portrait from Henry James Paper Goods

Custom pop culture family portrait

 Game of Thrones, Marvel, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Harry Potter…the ultimate geeky family personalized gift. 
(Note; You’ll receive it after Christmas. But worth it!)

$90+ Henry James Paper Goods

Creative personalized gifts: Custom name "get off my case" phone cases

  $78, Bauble Bar

Creative personalized gifts: Custom name unicorn nightlight

Personalized unicorn LED sign

That sound you hear is a zillion girls squealing.
(NOTE: The link has been changed to direct to the original creator of this lamp; the previous link was a rip-off site, and that sucks. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.)

$26.62, Snobs Gifts

Creative personalized gifts: Custom photo viewfinder from Uncommon Goods

$29.95, Uncommon Goods

Creative personalized gifts: Custom pottery bowls with poetry lines, sayings, or names at Braidwood Pottery

Custom Pottery Bowl

Created with your favorite line of poetry, a quote, names…lovely. 

$30, Braidwood Pottery

Use code COOL15 for 15% off your order

Creative personalized gifts: Custom surprise photo flip sequin pillow

Surprise personalized flip sequin pillow

On one side it’s just sequins, then flip it to reveal a surprise photo!

Customize with any photo — the kids, the whole family, the skyline, the dog.

$58.97, Mermaid Pillow Co

Creative personalized gifts: Custom secret message morse code necklace

Secret message morse code necklace

So weighty, it even looks cool on men

$28+ ModernOut

Creative personalized gifts: Black teacher custom notebook by From Keek with Love

Personalized Black teacher notebook

More personalized gifts in the shop include Black scientists, nurses, ballerinas and more. 

$20 By Keeks with Love

Save 15% on entire shop plus get free shipping, no code needed 

Creative personalized gifts: Letterboard frame

Custom letterboard frame

Ooh, we want to give this to everyone we know!

$28 on sale, Pottery Barn Kids

Creative personalized gifts: Custom handmade crayon set with a child's name at Art2theExtreme

Personalized engraved crayon set for kids

Imagine the masterpieces they can make with those crayons!

$89, Art2theExtreme

Use code CMP2018 for 10% off all orders

Creative personalized gifts: Customized wooden crochet hooks

Personalized crochet hooks

Ships from the UK, but delivery is fast.

$9.51, Wood Paper Scissors UK

Creative personalized gifts: Custom sideways initial ring by Caitlyn Minimalist

Personalized sideways initial ring

Can fit a monogram — or each first letter of your kids’ or grandkids’ names

$19 on sale, Caitlyn Minimalist, 4 initials available as well

Creative personalized gifts: Custom  mermaid plate from Sarah & Abraham

Personalized mermaid plate for kids

You can customize it to look like a child, too

$27 Sarah and Abraham

Creative personalized gifts: Custom cuff bracelet from handwriting by Emily J Design

Personalized cuff from handwriting

That rose gold, though…

$65+ Emily J Design (check for current sale prices)

Creative personalized gifts: Custom photo baseball or softball

Personalized photo softball or baseball

May we suggest you don’t swing at it?

$29.95+ CreateABall

Use code CMP10 for 10% off all orders

Creative personalized gifts: custom photo memory card game at Pinhole Press

Personalized photo memory card game

Lots of styles but we’re loving this ombre.

$19.99, Pinhole Press

Creative personalized gifts: Personalized harmonicas for kids at Indie Bambino Toys

Personalized handmade harmonicas

The price is so great, get them for all the cousins.

$10.75, Little Raven Toys

Creative personalized gifts: Custom handmade unicorn mug

Personalized handmade unicorn mug accented in 22k gold

Now that’s some magic right there. 

$150, Modern Mud

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