Cool podcast gifts for the person who finally became obsessed this year


True crime, self-help, comedy, politics…even, ahem, parenting. (Hint, cough, Spawned Show with Kristen and Liz.)

It’s all out there, mostly free, and it’s America’s newest obsession — even if some people are just catching on. Hey, it’s never too late! These cool podcast gifts are perfect for any super-fan, new or seasoned. They may even start their own one day. 

Cool podcast gifts for the person who finally became obsessed this year




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AirPods Pro

We want them too! Uh…we mean, to give. To our friends. Who listen to podcasts. 
You can also save some $$$ and grab the classic AirPods on sale at Amazon for $139 right now. 

$249, Apple


“Solving Murders” Podcast Mug

(item no longer available) 

Are they addicted to true crime podcasts like the rest of the world?
Enjoy some nice chamomile tea with all those gory details.

$14.99, Emma Keegs Lifestyle


Jackery Portable Charger

Our favorite portable battery, so they never run out of juice mid-pod.

$30.99 on sale, Amazon (with onsite instant coupon)


Friend of the Pod Official Sweatshirt

Like a secret handshake to everyone else in the world who’s listening to Pod Save America, too.
(Also available as a t-shirt for $25)

$48, Crooked Media

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You’ll never misplace those headphones again thanks to Tile.These Bluetooth-enabled tracking tags and now, stickers help you find missing items in seconds: Your keys, your wallet, your phone, your camera, your portable charger…you get the idea. 

Attach the tags or stickers to anything you don’t want to lose — say, some of those new holiday gifts you’re buying? — and use your phone to locate it by sound or see it on a map. Brilliant! It even connects with Google Nest and all the other popular home assistants to make life easier. 

And we use Tile ourselves, so we can totally vouch for how awesome they are.


Public Radio Nerd Socks

So many NPR podcasts, so little time.

$16, NPR Store



oontZ Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bring the comedy, the politics, the self-help, or the true crime with you. Highly rated and amazingly affordable. 

$29.99, Amazon in choice of 6 colors