It’s that time of the week! Our newest episode¬†of SPAWNED with Kristen + Liz¬†is live, and it’s a fun one. Well, we think they all, are but we¬†had a really good time with this one in particular.

Join us as we¬†talk (and yes, rant a little) about summer birthdays and why it’s okay¬†to be a total Type B mom in the birthday planning department. Then we take on¬†the whole girls toys vs. boys toys premise, which¬†bugs the heck out of us, as our regular readers know by now. Fortunately we can laugh about it. A lot. We even came up with a list of things that actually could be called girls’ toys. (Not that anyone would want to buy them.)

And last, as always, we each share our Cool Picks of the Week.

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Links in Spawned, Episode 5

Summer Birthdays

The coolest Minecraft Party ideas for kids

If you’re looking for some birthday party theme ideas,¬†don’t miss some of our most popular party theme posts, like an¬†Alice and Wonderland party,¬†¬†Minecraft party¬†(the fondant birthday toppers above are from Made Like Butter), a¬†Superhero party, a Rainbow Art Party…we have a lot!

Liz shares her preference for online invitations to parties,¬†like the ones at¬†Paperless Post.¬†Aren’t they awesome?

Here’s Liz’s¬†Type B Mom Mystery Party on Mom-101. Notice how everyone is smiling and happy even though this party wasn’t exactly¬†Pinterest-perfect? Exactly.


Girls Toys vs. Boys Toys

Here's why we think LEGO Friends are great for all kids

We’ve often discussed the silly division between “toys for boys” versus “toys for girls.” After all, Girls like dinosaurs. And well, boys like purple. Don’t forget that boys like pink, too.

A mom calls out a major retailer for creating¬†a Girls’ Building Toys aisle.

Here’s Liz’s original (and somewhat surprising) defense of¬†LEGO Friends, and a more¬†recent discussion about¬†why we often call girls’ toys “uncool”.

The hugely viral post from Sarah Manley of Nerdy Apple about her 5 year old son dressing up as Daphne from Scooby Doo for Halloween.

On boy and girl Happy Meals. Sigh.

Our list of¬†great baby dolls for boys — and girls. Of course.


Cool Picks of the Week

Miss You Can Do It: A fantastic documentary about a pageant for differently abled kids

Liz’s Cool Pick of the Week: The documentary¬†Miss You Can Do It¬†is gets its title from the¬†beauty pageant for differently abled kids¬†of the same name. Catch it on¬†HBO now¬†— it’s awesome for watching with kids.

Kristen’s Cool Pick of the Week:¬†SkillShare¬†is¬†an online learning portal for adults and older¬†kids with a slew of cool classes you can take at your convenience. So great for¬†summer!


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