Wonder Woman — let alone an exclusive all-female screening of the Patty Jenkins-directed Wonder Woman movie — does not frighten the boys and men in my life, and for that I am grateful. I mean, what kid wouldn’t want to look up to a badass superhero who’s a natural born athlete, fighter, and can bench press 15,000 pounds? And that was before she earned the bracelets.

Not to mention that iconic magic lasso which so many of us coveted as kids.

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So while we’ve featured tons of cool Wonder Woman gifts over the years, from Wonder Woman Havaianas to a stylish Wonder Woman handbag, to killer pair of BFF Wonder Woman cuff bracelets, we think she’s about to gain a whole lot more male fans this week. If you’re a dude who’s fallen in love (maybe for the second time) with our favorite warrior princess since the release of the Wonder Woman movie, we think you’ll really dig some of these Wonder Woman gifts too.

Or hey, get the Havaianas, if you can still find them. They’re pretty great.

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Wonder Woman In a Star Unisex T-Shirt ($29, Sweet Zelyanana for Red Bubble)

While there are tons of Wonder Woman t-shirts out there, I happen to love this clean, bold design shown at top, featuring Diana flaunting those amazing, bullet-deflecting bracelets. It comes in sizes and styles to suit fans of any age and sex — maybe a cool daddy-and-me gift for Father’s Day?


Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of the Film by Sharon Gosling | Cool Wonder Woman gifts at mompicksprod.wpengine.com

Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of the Film by Sharon Gosling ($25 on sale, Amazon)

For anyone who wants to geek out over the concept art, set design, costume sketches and storyboards from the Wonder Woman film — plus commentary from the cast and crew — I bet that Sharon Gosling’s official movie companion book will have a happy home on your coffee table.


Wonder Woman retro comic cufflinks from Studio LaTouche on Etsy | cool Wonder Woman gifts that men and boys will love too | CoolMomPicks.com

Pop Art Wonder Woman Cufflinks ($24, Studio LaTouche)

The retro comic version of Wonder Woman will be a big hit for fans of the comic — or soon-to-be fans. Bring on the French cuffs.

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Wonder Woman Cubist iPhone Case by Ian King: Great Wonder Woman gifts that boys and men will love too | CoolMomPicks.com

Cubist Wonder iPhone Case ($28 and up on sale, Ian King for Society 6)

Who better to protect your precious tech than the fiercest Amazon warrior princess anywhere? Love this graphic depiction of the classic Wonder Woman.


Cool Wonder Woman gifts that Boys and Men will love too: Sublimated Wonder Woman tee

Wonder Woman Movie Protector of Humanity Sublimated Tee ($39.95 and up, DC Store)

I had to include one more Wonder Woman tee out there because wow, this one is amazing! Fantastic depiction of Gal Gadot in her amazing film performance with that uber trendy sublimated tee style that turns the entire shirt into the canvas.


Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set: Great gift for Wonder Woman lovers male and female | Cool Mom Picks

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set ($35, Amazon)

This collection a great Wonder Woman gift for new fans who want to know more about the superheroine. It features more than 400 pages of the best Wonder Woman stories through multiple redesigns, right up to her 21st century adventures.


The official Wonder Woman action figures from Mattel based on Gal Gadot from the movie: Get them while you can | CoolMomPicks.com

The Official Wonder Woman Action Figure (Battle Ready Wonder Woman shown here, $14.99 at Amazon; or see the full collection at the Mattel Store.)

Based on Gal Gadot’s arse-kicking depiction of her in Wonder Woman movie, we shared the news about the new Mattel action figures earlier this year and yes, they’re finally here! If you collect action figures, make sure you grab a few: You’ll find Diana in training gear, a mortal disguise, and fantastic battle armor. To round out the collection check out the majestic horses, Queen Hippolyta, and a miniature version of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor.