Halloween is a great time to be a parent! You probably remember picking your baby’s first costume or maybe you’re picking that costume right now. If you’re the parent that thinks outside the box you have to check out these 2017 pop-culture baby costumes. Yes, some of these are without a doubt a little… um, different. But these 2017 baby Halloween costumes are the trendsetters for the babies that set the trends.

If I had more time, I’d put together a pop culture Halloween costume Bingo card for you — or, just take bets on which will be the most popular in your neighborhood, then keep track of how many you spot.

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Hottest pop culture baby Halloween costumes: Princess Leia yarn wig tutorial from Repeat Crafter Me

Baby Princess Leia Costume
Maybe you once danced around ComicCon in a Princess Leia Star Wars bikini. And now you’re a mom and want to pass the baton onto your kids. Personally, I have always been a big fan of Carrie Fisher but became even more so after I had the awesome opportunity to work with her. (Yes I did!) You guessed it: She was everything I imagined and more. So while we’ll always be Rey fans, and really, every Star Wars costume will be hot this year (as always) it feels right to honor Carrie’s sad passing with a costume reflecting original role. Just add this DIY Princess Leia yarn wig tutorial from Repeat Crafter Me and you’re halfway there. Or, go more General Leia Organa; you can’t go wrong either way.

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Top pop culture costumes for babies: Hamilton characters! Wig on Etsy

Baby Hamilton Costumes
Definitely the hottest ticket of the year is still Hamilton. So of course the hottest 2017 babies will attired like Aaron Burr, The Schuyler Sisters (Liz’s girls are taking on Eliza and Peggy this year!), Hercules Mulligan, and of course, AHam himself. Grab a Hamilton style wig like this one from The Purple Pumpkin Shop on Etsy and for a shortcut try the Hamilton t-shirt from Shasmeen Design on Etsy and embellish from there — or get a full Hamilton costume from Door Number 9 since she’s still shipping in time for Halloween!

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Hottest pop culture baby Halloween costumes: Colin Kaepernick baby via Hanalulu12 on IG

Baby Colin Kaepernick
Who would have thought an NFL quarterback would do more to inspire conversations about peaceful protest, 1st Amendment rights, and the need for liberty and justice in America to actually be for all. Well, if you know about his Foundation, you wouldn’t be surprised at all. Which is why a lot of forward-thinking #woke mamas are going to be carrying their own little baby Colin Kaepernick this Halloween. We found inspiration from @hanalulu12 who’s got her adorable son in little more than a baby 49ers football jersey (we found one on babyfans.com). There’s so much to love about this baby, this costume, and this mom.

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Hottest pop culture baby Halloween costumes: Unicorns, of course!Unicorn Baby Costume. Of Course.
Whether you DIY or grab an easy unicorn Halloween baby costume like this one at Target, of course the unicorn is going to be a hot pop culture costume for all age this year. But especially for babies. And of course you’ll get use out of this onesie every other day of the year, too. Because it’s always a good day for a unicorn costume.

Hottest pop culture baby Halloween costumes: Hillary Clinton DIY from Rookie Moms

Baby Hillary Costume
The smartest woman in the room is still the smartest woman in the room, and In certain parts of the country, we are going to see a whole lot of babies dressed as glass ceiling-smasher Hillary Clinton. For a little inspiration, check out this DIY Hillary Clinton baby costume by our friend Whitney Moss at RookieMoms. She even explains how to turn that I’m With Her sign into a sticker.

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Hottest pop culture baby Halloween costumes: Hillary Clinton DIY from Rookie Moms: Sean Spicer

Baby Sean Spicer Costume
We predict our always-entertaining, truth-challenged former White House Press Secretary will be a big pop-culture costume this year. Your baby could don this Sean Spicer-inspired grey pinstripe baby suit and tie and you’re basically done. Just remember that an oversized fit is really key to channel that inner-Spicey.

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Hottest pop culture baby Halloween costumes: Tyrion Lannister! photo: Leniebelle Gallardo costume: Little Ivie Rose costume shop

Baby Game of Thrones Character Costumes
Just like Lord Tyrion Lannister himself, this costume is pretty darn witty, and one of our favorites from our roundup of cool Game of Thrones costume ideas for kids. Your baby might be short in stature but just like this Game of Thrones character, he’s award-winning. Find the handmade vest from the Little Ivie Rose Shop on Etsy — and convo her to see if you can still get one in time. Adorable baby photo submitted by Leniebelle Gallardo who’s clearly a proud mama.

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Hottest pop culture baby Halloween costumes: DIY Beyonce Costume

Bey-Bey Beyonce Costume
If Beyonce is your Queen Bee cup of tea then maybe your babe can rock out this Halloween in Kristafir’s Lemonade Pitcher baby onesie at Red Bubble, and a yellow princess pettiskirt tutu I spotted at Ali Express.Whether you blast Lemonade out speakers from your stroller is totally your call. But I’d dig it if I passed you on the street.

Hottest pop culture baby Halloween costumes: Eleven via LauraIZ on IG

Baby Eleven Costume
As if Halloween wasn’t strange enough already. Let’s talk about creative! If you’re obsessed with Stranger Things (hello, me too!) and you’re counting the days until the launch of Season 2 (it’s this Friday!) then you know why I’m loving this creepy-ish Eleven character baby costume by @lauraiz on Instagram, which we first featured in our roundup of geeky-cool pop culture costumes for kids on Cool Mom Tech. There are so many amazing things happening here. Is that a Twizzler?

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Hottest pop culture baby Halloween costumes: Sia via LauraIZ

Baby Sia Costume
Clearly I’m a big fan of @lauraiz’s Instagram and her incredible photos of pop-culture baby costumes, like this SIA baby costume beautifully worn by baby Joey Marie. You’ll want a blonde wig cut for your baby, add a black tank top and black headband felt cutout, and you’ve got a fairly easy DIY costume. Now if only you could find a pink chandelier binky. Oh wait, we found that for you too. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check her site for even more incredible inspiration.

Black Panther costume for kids and babies for Halloween

Black Panther costume baby onesie from DeepDiveThreads on Etsy

Baby Superhero Costumes: Black Panther, Thor, Wonder Woman
Of course, Marvel and DC characters are always big for kids but with the much-anticipated release of the Black Panther franchise (whoo!) you can expect to see a lot of awesome baby T’Challa costumes out there. The official Black Panther costume is perfect for bigger kids — or use it as inspiration for a baby, building around this Black Panther inspired onesie from DeepDiveThreads on Etsy. May he (or she) dream of Wakanda. And if you’ve got a little girl? You have to check out Lupita Nyong’o’s perfect Nakia.

Hottest pop culture baby Halloween costumes: Thor baby cap free crochet pattern

Crafty parents: You can whip up your own Thor baby hat with this free crochet pattern from Rick-a-bam-boo on Revelry. I know our babies will wear it until they outgrow it! A crochet hammer would be a great touch, too.

Pop culture baby costumes: Wonder Woman inspired costume from AngelinaRoseInspired on Etsy

And of course we can’t leave out our beloved Diana, Amazon Warrior Princess, A.K.A. Wonder Woman. You might want to keep the golden lasso away from the baby, but the onesie is the world’s easiest pop culture costume if you’ve got a future superhero gal on your hands. We are all in love with this handmade Wonder Woman inspired baby costume from AngelinaRoseInspired on Etsy. (Sadly it’s too late for Halloween orders, but get one anyway! I mean, that’s like the ultimate Insta photo opp any day of the year.)

Hottest pop culture baby Halloween costumes: Jax Teller via Where the Smiles Have Been

Baby Jax Teller Costume
If you’re more anti-hero than superhero, rev up the engines and start your tricycle. You don’t have to be a biker to love this Sons of Anarchy DIY Jax Teller costume from Christine at Where the Smiles Have Been. You can find some DIY baby costume inspiration on her post. Or purchase a baby biker t-shirt from AllPosters for a quick shortcut. My favorite part of the DIY is the new name Toddlers of Anarchy. Perfection.

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DIY Ruth Bader Ginsburg costume tutorial on Alpha Mom: So easy!

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Baby Costume
We can’t get enough of the notorious RGB, one of our absolutely favorite strong girl costumes inspired by real life heroes. And thanks to Brenda Ponnay and our friends at Alpha Mom, it turns out making your own is soooooo easy! Check out her genius DIY Ruth Bader Ginsburg costume tutorial. It would be just as easy to adapt for a baby, using a black onesie instead.

Hottest pop culture baby Halloween costumes: Sheldon Cooper

Baby Sheldon Cooper Costume
Of course the #1 network show is going to inspire a lot of pop culture costumes for babies. As it should. This nerdy professor baby costume from MaskWorld is easily turned into Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. Hey, these days all the cool kids rock suspenders and pocket protectors.

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Hottest pop culture baby Halloween costumes: 80s characters, valley girl, aerobics chick via Homemade by Jill
80s Baby Costume

OMG, I’ll let you in on a pop-culture secret. You’ll never believe that, like, they are remaking the 1980’s Nicholas Cage and E.G. Daily movie, Valley Girl and, wait for it…It’s totally an ’80s musical!!! (Can you tell I’m excited?) Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons of all ages can now rock out to the same music from the same movie. So if you’re super up on your pop culture and want an edge on the other babies on the block, you can try a Pat Benatar type from the Hollywood Hills, or a pastel-clad shopper/sushi-eater/aerobics queen from the Valley. We love this  80s aerobics baby Halloween costume by Homemade by Jill — which also happens to be one of our favorite easy baby costumes you can make with a onesie.



Hottest pop culture baby Halloween costumes: Stephen Curry
Baby Stephen Curry Costume

Stephen Curry is easily the It Athlete of the year. If you’re into hoops, find a baby Golden State Stephen Curry one-piece from Lids. That is, if you don’t already own one — or six. Add a pair of sporty basketball sneakers, maybe some knee socks and sweatbands, toss a mini ball into the stroller, and you’ve got a slam dunk. Yep. I said it.


Hottest pop culture baby Halloween costumes: Lady Gaga red bunting

Baby Gaga Costume
Like all Lady Gaga wearable art, this Lady Gaga red bunting costume is definitely a winner. Although my favorite, super baby-friendly Gaga costume might be the imitation Gaga Kermit outfit, even if the clothing line was a spoof on Jimmy Kimmel. Far easier and more vegan-friendly than covering your baby in Gaga flank steak.


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Hottest pop culture baby Halloween costumes: handmade Pusheen baby cap and diaper cover at KernelCrafts on Etsy

Baby Pusheen Costume
It’s 2017 and why would you dress your baby as a typical kitty when you can try the Internet’s favorite cat? Found this Pusheen-inspired baby costume at KernelCrafts on Etsy, complete with an adorable knit diaper cover and beanie hat that will get tons of use this fall and winter.

Hottest pop culture baby Halloween costumes: Tributes to David Bowie, Gene Wilder, and Prince | The House that Lars Built

In Memoriam: Baby Bowie, Baby Gene Wilder, Baby Prince
We’re still mourning these of our favorite superstars and since imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to pay tribute. For brilliant DIY ideas and tips, I’m super impressed with these DIY Bowie, Gene Wilder, and Prince baby costumes by The House That Lars Built. Man, she just nails every single idea she ever shares, doesn’t she?