Our final Editors Top 10 of the Year pick seems the perfect one to close out 2017 — and really, to lead us into 2018.

There’s always been a current of social good through our site from the day we started it, as we’ve highlighted incredible charities, gifts that give back, startups with a social mission, and entrepreneurs and business owners — big and small – who just want to make the world a better place.

But this year, we honor you.

Yes, you.

Our readers, our friends, the activists, the entrepreneurs, the vocal supporters and the quiet supporters — all the so-called “regular” people out there who have opened your hearts and yes, wallets, to so many people in need, when and where it was called for.

See the entire list of our Editors Top 10 of the Year here.

United for Puerto Rico: A fantastic resource to support the victims of Hurricanes Irma and Maria

There’s been your support for Hurricane Maria victims Puerto Rico who still desperately need all of our help right now.  For Hurricane Irma victims in Florida and the Caribbean. For Texans in need after the devastating impact of Hurricane Harvey. For victims of the devastating flooding in Peru which seems like so long ago. And most recently, for those in the path of the deadly California wildfires.

But it’s not just natural disasters that brought out the best in you. We’ve seen incredible support for victims of mass shootings and gun violence, and their families whether you’re donating to GoFundMe accounts, writing to Congress, or getting involved with organizations doing meaningful work.

You’ve supported the Syrian refugees escaping civil war, through any number of incredible organizations.

You looked out for the DREAMers covered by DACA status and their families, for Americans bearing the brunt of bigoted attacks, for immigrants of all kinds working hard to make a better life for their families, the way so many of our own parents, grandparents and great-grandparents did.

The top rated military family support charities, including Snowball Express which does outstanding things for the children of fallen soldiers

You’ve helped out the families of fallen military, police and firefighter heroes.

You’ve supported girls and education around the world, children with special needs, teens and young people battling depression, adopted and foster children, and at-risk children in need of a little extra holiday joy.

You’ve amplified the men and women of science, fought to preserve our precious National Parks, registered voters to create a more equitable electoral system, and promoted media literacy among children.

You’ve given your precious time to reach out to your elected reps, over and over again. And then some more.

12 ways to make a difference on International Women's Day | photo: Alice Donovan Rouse

You’ve shopped from women-owned and black-owned businesses and amplified the need for more justice and fairness for women around the world. You’ve supported diverse women authors to help more of them get published.

You’ve stood up against sexual assault.

You’ve stood up for our constitution.

You’ve stood up for social and racial justice.

You’ve stood up for your own communities.

This hits us pretty hard, when you put it all together like this — and this isn’t even a complete list. It’s a great reminder that sometimes, when you’re looking for a little spark of hope that the world is a decent place filled with very good people, all you have to do is look in the mirror.

For that reason, this #1 Editors Pick of the Year honors you.

Happy New Year, friends. Onward.
– Liz + Kristen

We are extra grateful to our incredible team of writers, who feel so many causes so profoundly that they dedicate their days to sharing them with you. Expect more of it in 2018. A lot more.

Photos: Tees supporting the ACLU from Brave New World DesignsUnidos Por Puerto RicoSnowball Express military family support charity; Women’s March by Alice Donovan Rouse.