For more than a decade now, so many of our writers have searched the web to compile the most creative Easter egg decorating ideas, from simple to wow, from traditional to modern, from designs for toddlers to designs for teens — and everything in between.

And so, all in one place, we present your one-stop Easter egg decorating idea resource! Surely one here is exactly the right one for you. Or maybe two. Or three.

Hey, that’s why they sell eggs by the dozen, right?

Top image: McCormick

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Easter egg decorating ideas for the traditionalist

If you’re all about the alchemy that gets you to the perfect shade of Easter egg — whether that’s a deep, bold blue or a pale, pastel pink — these tips help blend crafting with kitchen table science.

Easter egg decorating ideas: Ombre Easter eggs tutorial at Country Living

Ombre Easter Eggs by Country Living


How to dye Easter eggs with food coloring and get just the right shade? Ask the experts.

Making natural Easter egg dyes perfectly: 2 expert methods and step-by-step tips

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Easter egg decorating ideas for getting creative

Want to step it up beyond solid colors? We have found so many brilliant ideas involving color, pattern, design and typography. Best of all, they don’t require a design degree. You can do these!

Easter egg decorating ideas: Typography Easter Eggs idea from Lovely Indeed

Typography Easter Eggs from Lovely Indeed


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Easter egg decorating ideas for pop culture fans

Whether your kids are fans of Star Wars, Minecraft, superheroes, Disney princesses, emojis, space, unicorns or something else, we’ve probably found an Easter egg idea that will get them extra excited for a little decorating this Sunday.

Luke and Yoda Star Wars Easter egg decorating DIY at FrugalFun4Boys

Yoda and Luke Easter Eggs from Frugal fun 4 Boys and Girls


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Social media icon Easter eggs

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No-mess Easter egg decorating ideas

We get it, sometimes you just want to create something with your kids — besides a mess. These Easter egg ideas should help.

Black-and-white Sharpie Easter eggs from Paper & Stitch

Sharpie decorated Easter eggs from Paper & Stitch


8 simply gorgeous, no-dye ways to decorate your Easter eggs this year.

How to make tattooed Easter eggs

19 of the coolest no-mess Sharpie Easter egg ideas to make decorating easy

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5 printables for easy, last-minute, no-mess Easter egg decorating