For this year’s holiday gift guide, we really wanted to share some creative, irreverent, sassy and smart Gen Z gifts that give back to causes that our teens and young adults care about.

We have Gen Z kids ourselves, and we know first hand¬†how passionate they can be¬†about so many things — ¬†the environment and how to protect it, acceptance of immigrants, supporting LGBTQ+ populations, concerns about BIPOC and AAPI racism, the rise in anti-Semitism, the suppression of women’s reproductive rights…. the list goes on.

Truly, we are in awe of their passion and desire to create a more just and equal world. That’s why this holiday, we are looking at great Gen Z gifts that give back to the important causes they care about.

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17 ideas for GenZ gifts that give back to great causes

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The powerful statement cuff bracelets from Bird and Stone are a great gift for Gen Z.

The upcycled bracelet cuffs from Bird & Stone include clear and bold statements like Black Lives Matter, The Future is Female, Love is Love, and My Body, My Business. With a percentage of proceeds (some as high as 100%!) going to relevant and recognized organizations like The Trevor Project and the New York Civil Liberties Union, it is jewelry that looks good and does good too.
($35 and up at Bird & Stone)

Gen Z will love this Jewish Secret Space Laser tee-shirt from Dissent Pins.

Gen Z is already well aware of the absurdity of modern politics — and its appalling overlap with antisemitism, bigotry and racism. That’s why they’ll totally love the irreverent¬†Jewish Secret Space Laser Corps t-shirt by Dissent Pins — a long-time favorite of ours. Each soft tee is printed in Vermont and 50% of its profits will be donated to candidates and organizations working to defeat QAnon supporters running for Congress. Sigh.
($29.95 at Dissent Pins)

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Popsocket nonprofit grips all benefit a cause like the Stonewall Community Foundation | Gen Z holiday gifts

We’ve long supported PopSockets for their ability to keep us and our kids from yeeting our phones onto the ground, but we especially love these PopSockets supporting nonprofit organizations and causes. And not just a dinky 1-2% support; fully 50% of net product sales of designs like this rainbow PopSocket go to impactful organizations like the¬†Stonewall Community Foundation for LGBTQ+ communities.

Other designs support causes like wildlife conservation, gender equality in education, environmental action, global health, animal rescue and a lot more.
($17 at PopSockets)


Weather the Storm necklace from Peggy Li to benefit World Central Kitchen

Our kids are global citizens for sure, keeping tabs on Ukraine, Peru, Haiti, and beyond. This Weather the Storm necklace is not only stunning, it donates 25% of the proceeds¬†to World Central Kitchen, which provides emergency meals and support in areas of crisis. It’s made by one of our favorite indie artists, Peggy Li, who has a long history of giving back through her jewelry to causes like voting rights and fighting AAPI hate
($59 at Peggy Li)

All the colors of the BIPOC rainbow on this PB Teen pillow that benefits NAACP (Gen Z gifts)

The colors of the BIPOC rainbow are displayed on this pretty PB Teen tonal rainbow pillow which benefits NAACP Empowerment Programs with 30% of the purchase price going directly to their national and local programs.
($27.99 for cover only on sale/$75 with insert at PB Teen)

Gen Z can show their support for reproductive rights with this 1973 shirt from prinkshop.

Gen Z-ers are out there activating to help preserve bodily autonomy and¬†reproductive freedom, big time. This 1973 long-sleeved striped shirt¬†from prinkshop reminds everyone that women’s reproductive rights were not always guaranteed. 30% of each purchase goes to the National Institute for Reproductive Health¬†and if you have a Gen Z activist to shop for, it’s a fantastic gift.
($108 at KULE)

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Gen Z will get a kick out of these Happy Camper socks which benefit the National Wildlife Foundation.

If their idea of a good time is a night around a bonfire and sleeping in a tent, then these fun patterned socks benefitting the National Wildlife Federation is a Gen Z gift to help make them a happy camper.
($11.99 at National Wildlife Foundation)

Presently bracelets help relieve anxiety with mantras pulled from cognitive therapy

¬†The gorgeous metal, gemstone, or beaded bracelets from Presently¬†are designed to help you manage anxiety and OCD with a little help from cognitive therapy techniques — and they give back to mental health non-profits too.¬†It’s a thoughtful gift for a Gen Z kid who have worked through mental health issues like anxiety or OCD, or who wants to help friends and family members who do.
($42 and up, Presently; for a limited time get 20% off a second bracelet)

Gen Z for Equity stickers raise money for the NAACP.

Created by a Gen Z teen herself, this five-pack of stickers promote a more inclusive world while donating funds to the NAACP. They make great stocking stuffers, or small gifts to accompany gift cards, cash, or a donation in their name to a favorite cause.
($9 at Etsy)

This Parks Project hammock makes a great gift for Gen Z kids.

Parks Project partners with the parks’ 45+ conservancies to fund specific projects, and have donated over $2 million since 2014! Our next generation of tree huggers will love supporting our National Parks with this Feel the Earth Breathe recycled hammock which can be hung indoors or out. And, their beanies are pretty sweet too and make excellent stocking stuffers.
($74.99 on sale at Parks Project)

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Gen Z will love these edgy political holiday sweaters from The Outrage.

Gen Z is not afraid to ruffle some feathers and these activist holiday sweaters will raise a lot of eyebrows at the holidays–and hopefully lead to great conversation. In seven styles including Sleigh the Patriarchy (ha) and Have a Gay Ol’ Time, 100% of profits go to important social causes in several areas.
($65 at The Outrage)

Transgender color UGG slippers are a great gift for Gen Z this holiday.

Support for transgender rights in the form of warm fuzzy slippers? We’re in! These soft and very much on-trend UGG Pride Fluff Slippers benefit The Trevor Project¬†to provide education, support, and crisis counseling to LGBTQ+ youth, 24/7.
($76.99 on sale at UGG)

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Remember whose land we're on with this keychain from The Outrage | Gen Z gifts

Whose land are we on? This funky but powerful little key chain¬†from an incredible cool mission-based shop will remind them that this land was taken. And if you live in the region of the Piscataway Tribe, there’s a keychain specifically for you. If you’re not sure, take a look at this interactive Native Lands Map to find out what land you’re on — you can even request a specific keychain be added to their collection. 100% of profits are sent to social causes that include indigenous rights.
($8 at The Outrage)

Love Conquers Hate tee shirts in Hebrew and Spanish make great gifts for Gen Z.

These Love Conquers Hate tees from Human Rights Campaign are even more powerful when written in Hebrew and Spanish. If someone asks for a translation, be sure to let them know that they’re also available in Russian, Korean, Arabic, and French.
($29 at Human Rights Campaign)

Gen Z will help to remember their names with these sweatshirts from Philadelphia Print Works.

Gen Z will help us remember the names of essential figures that history books often leave out. That’s why we love a Gen Z gift like a¬†School of Thought sweatshirt from Philadelphia Print Works. Each one celebrate key figures in the African diaspora In America — Marcus Garvey, James Baldwin, Audra Lorde, Ida B Wells and more. Proceeds go to a variety of grassroot initiatives and non-profit organizations that support Black, Brown, and LGBTQ+ creatives.
($38 at Philadelphia Print Works)

Fierce Gen Z will love this Burn the Patriarchy candle for the holidays.

Fortunately for everyone, this Burn the Patriarchy candle smells like tobacco, sandalwood, and fire smoke—and not like the smell of actually burning chauvinists. (Dark humor there.) Benefits Planned Parenthood of New York.
($24 at Social Good)

Enough sweatshirt for gun safety from Social Goods | Gen Z gifts

Gen Z has grown up hiding behind desks and practicing active shooter drills since kindergarten — and far too many tragically have lived through actual gun violence. If ever a shirt conveyed their feelings in one word, it would be this ENOUGH sweatshirt from Social Goods. Proceeds benefit Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, which is making a serious difference. Even kids aren’t seeing as much as they’d like. Yet.
($80 at Social Goods; baseball hat, shown at top, is available but may arrive after the holidays)