You’re almost out of time, lover. Good news: We’ve rounded up creative last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts that will remind your honey how much you love them every day. Even if you also have to love them enough to pay a ton for quick shipping or to run out and find a favorite local shop tonight.

Going the extra mile, whether with a little DIY McGyvering, a sweet printable, or an extra nifty gift from somewhere local will make your Valentine’s gift seem like it’s not last minute at all.

And be sure to hit up our holiday guide to last-minute gifts for a metric ton of inspiration for Valentine’s Day. (Like really, a ton.) Make it easy on yourself! Save your energy. Wink.

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1. Valentine’s Flowers. Of Course.

You’ll meet people who say that flowers for Valentine’s Day are cheesy. Hey, you may even be one of those people. But there’s a reason flowers are perfect for Valentine’s Day, and here is that reason: It feels really nice to get them.

We’ve recommended flowers from indie farm-fresh flower company The Bouqs as one of our favorite last-minute gifts for years, because there are so many gorgeous options with ASAP delivery. We’ve had good luck with Urban Stems, whose flowers arrive in great shape — and on time! (Above)

Or, skip the shipping and find a bouquet at a local grocery or farmer’s market, if they’re in season in your neck of the woods. (Not too many fresh flowers in the Northeast farmer’s markets these days!) Trader Joe’s is also a good resource.

Of course  kids creating their own floral crafts could always be sweet too.

Related: 10 free printable classroom valentines for older kids in case you forgot. No judgments! 

2. Valentine’s Day Chocolate. Because, Chocolate!

Cool Valentine's Day chocolate boxes beyond the ordinary: This one from Compartes

We have a sweet spot for Valentine’s Day chocolates, but who doesn’t? In our list of 40 of the Best Gifts for Girlfriends and Women ,try some of the chocolates we’ve recommended like the box above by Compartes, or favorites from Seattle Chocolate Co or Chicago’s Vosges Haute Chocolate. Some can still be ordered in time, since a lot of gourmet food companies ship overnight or two-day mail to keep the deliciousness fresh. You can also visit a local chocolatier, which is bound to have its best stuff at the ready.

If you need to DIY,  pick up the biggest paper box of chocolates at the store a day early and decorate the box just for your darling with chalkboard paint and a white paint marker; or print out pics of you and your sweetheart and decoupage them on with some Modge Podge, which is basically just painting layers of goop under and over the pictures — just make sure it has a little time to dry.

3. Homemade Valentine’s Treats

Last-minute Valentine's Day gifts: Heart-Shaped Jam Thumbprint Cookies by Wanna Come With?Heart-Shaped Jam Thumbprint Cookies | Wanna Come With? 

The good thing about gourmet gifts is they often require overnight shipping to keep the food fresh. On Cool Mom Eats, you can find 150 homemade Valentine’s treat ideas that don’t take too much time to whip up.

Also check out our picks for the best food subscription boxes. From cookies to spices to gourmet tasting boxes, there is so much to choose from if you want to take that proverbial fastest way to the heart — and the best part is, the Valentine’s gift is still to come with the next shipment, but doesn’t feel like an IOU.

You can also order pints of eCreamery’s Valentine ice cream collections  — buy by non CST on February 13, and your ice cream is guaranteed to be delivered by February 14. Let’s see Cupid do that.

4. A Treat They Get to Pick Themselves

Sugarwish: Valentine's Treats the recipient can pick themselves, perfect for last-minute gifting

We are the biggest fans of SugarWish for good reason — your love (or kids, or whoever) get to pick out their very own box of candies, chocolates, cookies or savory snacks, depending onSugarwish ecards which SugarWish they receive from you. A text alert or cute e-card over email alerts them to their Valentine’s gift, and then soon after, it arrives in the mail! GREAT idea for college students too, BTW.

5. The Perfect Book… and a Tip to Make it More Special

Last-minute Valentine's Day gifts: All the Love in the World by Jesse Hunter

There’s often nothing more romantic than a picked-just-for-you book — except for maybe some time to curl up and actually read it. Take a stroll to your local indie bookseller and see what looks just right for your Valentine. But if you can’t spare the time, Amazon may ship overnight to you. W are still smitten with All The Love in the World (above) for which photographer Jesse Hunter traveled the world capturing 800 hearts in 44 countries in a celebration of the universal symbol of love.

For the love of your life, check out the fill-in-the-blankb books What I Love About You journal or 100 Things I Love About You . For fun, there’s the voyeuristic Other People’s Love Letters: 150 Love Letters You Were Never Meant to See. Make the day of a true romantic with Pablo Neruda’s Love Poems. Graphic design fans will love The Book of Hearts

At a specialty bookshop, look for a signed copy of a favorite title. Pro tip: most authors will mail you a bookplate. I once bought a first edition book on eBay when I discovered my husband’s favorite book there  (Heroes Die by Matthew Woodring Stover) and shipped it to the author with a self-addressed, pre-weighted envelope. It returned in time and is one of his prized possessions.

6. Keepsake Jewelry and Accessories with the Right Message

Cool Valentine's jewelry for women : Pave black heart pendant by SHYMI

You’re not going to get anything personalized at this point, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of fantastic options for beautiful Valentine’s jewelry. Nordstrom has tons of jewelry for Valentine’s Day, like the black pave heart necklace shown here. As with other department stores, they have shipping options — you can even have it delivered to a local Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack for same-day pickup. Or check out Tiffany & Co.,which offers next-day delivery if you order before 3PM ET on the 13th, and now with free express delivery!

For something from a smaller artist, we suggest you visit local boutiques, museum shops, or a local flea market that supports local makers.

7. An Experience Gift For Two. Sexy or….Not So Much.

Uncommon Experiences unique online classes make a fun VAlentine's gift

There’s very little in life as pleasant as someone else taking care of everything, so an experience with thoughtful details will leave your giftee feeling cherished. In our list of gifts for dads (and men) who have everything, we shared a selection of Uncommon Experiences like this cocktail-making class. There’s also a romantic painting class, dumpling-making lessons, or learn how to make music with the cool handheld Orba device.

Also consider tickets to a pro ball game, a concert, the planetarium, or the aquarium. A movie night with tickets from Fandango is fantastic! Whatever you love doing together,  just tuck the tickets, gift card, or a photo that represents the experience into a card with a thoughtful note. Done!

8. An Experience Gift..for One!

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts: Help a dream come true, like this flying trapeze class.Photo: Me! Delilah Dawson!

Another way to look at this is an experience gift that shows you support your partner’s dreams. That pic above is me at a flying trapeze class. That experience? Priceless.

Now that I’m in my late 30s, I feel like everyone around me is trying to find their purpose — or at least learn something new that’s always called to them. If your honey has always secretly dreamed of doing something big, a gift in that vein not only shows that you get them, but that you support them.  If they want to get into photography, consider a camera. If they dream of being a rock star, try a guitar. You can get an aspiring writer a creative writing class, a new journal, and a printable piece of art with writing advice. Find a juggling, calligraphy, or home brew kit. Sign them up for an intro class in trapeze, SCUBA, woodworking, or stand-up comedy.

Supporting someone’s dreams demonstrates your love and support in the best possible way. Even if it didn’t come together until 5PM the night of the 14th.

9. Valentine’s Cards Worth Keeping.

Never underestimate the power of a good card. A sweetly sophisticated card or one of these truly funny cards that make us LOL can take your present to a whole other level. Lots of our favorites are printable, too, Davie Bowie printable Valentine’s Day cards for adults? Why not!

Last-minute Valentine's Day gifts: Free Printable Valentine's Day Fortune Cookies by EverymineFree Printable Valentine Fortune Cookies | Evermine 

If you’re still looking for cards for your kid’s classroom — which, let’s be honest, is probably 98% of us — we have tons of creative options that you and your kids can put together in practically no time at all:

– Printable Valentine’s Day cards for older kids (unicorns! David Bowie)from vikings to unicorn origami
Free printable cards that are perfect for kids who aren’t into the whole lovey-dovey thing – smart for boys.
ildly creative free printables
Super-cool printables for the classroom
-Printable Valentine’s Day cards for kids that all celebrate friendship (not romance, phew).

10. Dinner for Two. Your Place. Dress: Optional.

Best caviar from Chef Thomas Keller: Regiis OvaSustainable Regiis Ova Caviar from Chef Thomas Kelleher

If you cook, a home-cooked meal is a great gift. But if you don’t? Even better. These aphrodisiac food gifts can be ordered with overnight shipping, picked up locally, or possibly procured from a local restaurant.  And YES that Sustainable Regiis Ova Caviar above can be shipped overnight for the 14th!

Or maybe you whip up your sweetheart’s favorite dish for the first time. Serve breakfast for dinner, just for fun. Maybe you get spicy with a Mexican dinner that isn’t tacos. Or go traditional and cook a perfect steak. It’s all good. We’ve also got ideas for sweet pink cocktails and mocktails for Valentine’s Day, and so many delicious treats and desserts, it’s fair to say that your plates will runneth over.

And hey, if you’re stuck home with kids who aren’t going anywhere, check out these ideas for 3 family Valentine’s dinners that turn into romantic dinners for two later. Clever!

11. A Total At-Home Date Night

Valentine's at home: 24 fun date night ideas
Romantic date nights don’t have to mean Chateaubriand for two at a fancy restaurant. In fact, some of our favorite date nights have been right at home.See our list of 24 cheap, easy, sexy ideas for date night at home. Or look at these 14 creative suggestions for a Valentine’s Day date night at home,from DIY wine and cheese tasting and s’mores by the fire to slow dancing and karaoke. (But quietly! Let’s keep those kids snoozing.) Or hey, roast marshmallows over the fire pit. Even a game night can be fun if it’s not something you often do.

12. A gift card…but make it thoughtful

Etsy gift cards for Valentine's Day

Gift cards can be so special if you’re creative. Say, a big Saks gift card for use in the lingerie department, or an Etsy gift card for something handmade they’ve had their eyes on from a wonderful small business. Most gift cards can be delivered on the spot via email or text. And check out ways to make gift cards more special with these 12 awesome ideas.

You can also give a charity gift card from your Valentine’s favorite charity thanks to Charity Choice, which lets you choose from more than 1,000 charities. Whatvever your gift cards, pop it in a little box or even a mason jar, wrap it thoughtfully, then add a sweet love note. Easy!

12. A Thoughtful Subscription Gift Box

Shaker & Spoon cocktail club subscription box

Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club : A top rated subscription gift box

We have so many ideas for the best subscription gift boxes for moms and women and 21 cool subscription gifts for men…from fair trade coffee to tech toys and everything in between. And of course, plenty of them are interchangeable (women like coffee too!) so you can surely find the perfect one.

One of our favorite tips: Search Cratejoy. which even has a dedicated Valentine’s gift box section. Liz gave her partner a BreoBox one year and it was such a big hit, he’s still talking about it! You can even gift just one box.

Your recipient should be able to receive a notification via email that the box will ship soon, which is one step better than an IOU. We’ve also got plenty of gourmet subscription box ideas on Cool Mom Eats, whether your beloved is a fan of chocolates, international foods, or movie snacks.

13. DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts: The Non-Edible Kind

Homemade eucalyptus shower scrub from Aura Cacia: Handmade mason jar spa gifts

Aura Cacia essential oil shower scrub recipe via homemade mason jar spa gift ideas

DIY gifts are some of the best, and not just from the kids. For adults, our big list of more than 200+ homemade holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list is filled with inspiration! Or find a few ideas among 20 of our favorite self-care gifts for mom to help her slow down.

For kids, check out our huge list of Valentine’s Day gifts that kids can make that are so cool, they practically look pro. From DIY mugs and origami wall art to mini Oreo snacks and heart-shaped donuts, everything is practically guaranteed to bring a smile to that special someone’s face. We also have some adorable crafts that kids can make for their BFFs this Valentine’s Day — because friendships are always worth celebrating.

And don’t forget our fantastic post of DIY Valentine’s Day gifts too, which includes everything from candy necklaces to potted succulents. Kids can make them, but they’d be pretty perfect coming from you too.

14. Printable Artwork with a Message That Lasts Beyond Valentine’s Day

Last minute valentine's gifts: printable artwork on Etsy from Kiki & NimPrintable Valentine’s artwork from Kiki & Tim

Pick a favorite quote, sentiment, or theme and search Etsy. You’re likely to find a piece of downloadable, very affordable printable art. Now just frame it up and you get a daily reminder of your affections. (Or give a gift card and they can pick out their own.) You can always search for quotes if you two share a favorite show, movie, or book. An I Am Yours and You Are Mine print for Game of Thrones fans? Perfect. Oh and if you have a Swiftie in the house? This Printable Taylor Swift Lyrics Art from Artie Print Shop is now $5 off! and our readers flipped for it this past holiday.

15. A Favorite Photo of You Two

Last minute Valentines gifts: Brushstroke app makes photos look like paintings

Consider a favorite couple-y photo, printed out and framed, which is definitely overlooked as a treasured last-minute Valentine’s gift idea!  Want to amp it up? Liz made the one here just by editing a photo of her parents using the Brushstroke app on her iPhone, which can make your photos look like actual paintings. How cute are her dad and stepmother? Let’s hope we all look so happy after 30+ years of marriage.