While of course our holiday gift guide is always full of wonderful gifts you can buy, we adore homemade holiday gifts of all kinds. It’s not just that homemade gifts allow us to save some money (well, depending on the gift of course!), but they allow us to give an extra-special piece of ourselves because a DIY gift is generally one you put your heart into. Let’s just say I am that mom who has saved every single handmade card my kids have ever given me for any reason. Sniff.

We’ve shared so many homemade gift ideas — like so many — over the years, that I wanted to put them all together here in one convenient place, to hopefully help you find an idea that’s just right for you. Happy making. And happy giving.

200+ of our favorite homemade holiday gifts for everyone on your list

While I’ve tried to sort these out generally by recipient, to help you quickly find what you’re looking for, know that so many of these gifts are good for so many people. The cookies that kids love may be perfect for neighbors and teachers; while homemade gifts “for moms” could be perfect for grandmas and best friends — and yes, for dads.

200 homemade holiday gift ideas for your whole list: food gifts, cookies, gifts for. moms, gifts for dads, gifts for kids + more! | mompicksprod.wpengine.com

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Homemade Cookie Gifts and other Sweet Treats

Holiday cookie balls to make with the kids: Peppermint Cookie Balls at Two Twenty OnePeppermint candy cane cookie balls from Two Twenty One.

12 spectacular (really) homemade, no-bake cookie ball recipes A little effort, but a lot of wow

24 favorite holiday cookie recipes shared by our readers For your own virtual cookie swap!

8 cool pop culture gingerbread cookie ideas From Groot to Leia to Hello Kitty

7 creative Christmas bark recipes Like we could say no to Christmas bark.

Impressive no-bake holiday cookie ideas Each one still gorgeous enough for gifts, cookie swaps, or impressing your neighbors

10 of the best Christmas cookies from around the world from Mexico to Argentina to Greece to Germany

Christmas Cookies Around the World: Speculaas spice cookies via Grown to Cook | Cool Mom PicksDutch Speculaas Cookies recipe from Grown to Cook

11 of our favorite classic Christmas Cookie recipes perfect for the traditionalist

The 1 sugar dough recipe that makes 10 Christmas Cookie variations We swear by it!

5 thumbprint cookies for easy holiday baking The kids can help.

8 homemade Hanukkah cookie gifts Eat them all 8 nights…and beyond.

Yummy candy cane recipes so you can use up the broken ones

Creative homemade holiday bake sale treat ideas Adorable enough to gift to all the kids on your list.

12 thoughtful homemade food gifts for moms but honestly, who wouldn’t love homemade truffles or lemon curd?

The easiest homemade holiday cookie gift recipes for people who don’t like to bake. Got you covered too, non-bakers.


More homemade food gifts…and drink gifts

Pancake mix mason jar gifts from Skip to my LouHomemade buttermilk pancake mix in a mason jar from Skip to my Lou

12 mason jar food gifts your kids can help make From sweet to savory, they’re perfect for teachers, cousins, neighbors…everyone.

Our favorite fabulous but super easy homemade food gifts From apple butter to spiced nuts, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to please.

9 delicious food gifts for people who love to eat From fieiry mustard to gingerbread granola, these homemade gifts for foodies are big wins.

10 make-ahead homemade food gifts Start a little earlier and cross a few delicious homemade gifts off your list.

11 easy but outrageous homemade liqueur gifts Skip the bottle of wine and try a homemade Nutella liqueur or a jalapeño infused tequila.

11 easy, tasty homemade holiday food gift ideas From chocolate-dipped pears to an entire DIY cookbook holiday gift box.

9 homemade food gifts as gorgeous as they are delicious From DIY tea sachets to nougat with rose water, this Mother’s Day post is perfect for so many people on your holiday list.


Homemade gifts for anyone on your list

DIY gold-dipped succulent plant gift via Homey Oh MyHomemade gold-dipped succulent planters via Homey Oh My

20 of our favorite DIY gifts for an easy homemade holiday Ornaments, potpourri simmer pouches, painted succulent planters…terrific ideas!

Homemade mason jar spa gift ideas Spa-at-home gifts are so perfect this year

How to make a YOUR favorite things gift box for your best friend Move over, Oprah!

How to make your own weighted blanket and save yourself about $100

How to DIY the most popular homemade superhero capes on Etsy (No stealing, the artist put it together herself!)


Homemade gifts for dads (and grandpas)

Easy Father's Day crafts for kids: Tell him he rocks on Father's Day with this craft idea from Linda's Learning Loot“My Dad Rocks” DIY frame from Linda’s Learning Loot

DIY holiday gifts from kids for everyone on their list including dads, granddads, and stepdads

For Dad: 10 homemade food gifts from the kids They’re not just for Father’s Day!

13 creative homemade gifts for Dad from the kids Take a peek — grandpas and uncles and even moms will like them too.

11 easy crafts for rock star dads from the kids they all celebrate his awesomeness

8 homemade cards for Dad from the kids He’ll feel so loved

20 fantastic DIY gifts for Father’s Day that work for the holidays, too


Homemade gifts for moms (and grandmas)

Homemade eucalyptus shower scrub from Aura Cacia: Handmade mason jar spa giftsHomemade Eucalyptus Shower Scrub via Aura Cacia

15 easy recycled gifts for moms from the kids Frugal and still fabulous. Eco-friendly too!

13 truly creative gifts for Mom that kids can make and give From keepsakes to…well, they’ll all be keepsakes, right?

Even more cool handmade gifts for mom from the kids Well, maybe with a little help

DIY holiday gifts from kids for everyone on their list including moms, grandmas, stepmoms….

A beaded Mom-Daughter DIY necklace set which can totally be a Mom-Son necklace set, too

18 cool homemade gifts for mom from the kids Written for Mother’s Day, but perfect for the holiday, too

How to make your own affordable DIY me-time basket for Mom Hint hint


Homemade gifts for teachers

This personalized hand sanitizer we found at Delia Creates is one of our favorite DIY holiday gifts for teachers.Personalized hand sanitizer gift for teachers via Delia Creates

Homemade and semi-homemade food teacher appreciation gifts: Don’t forget them this year.

Printable teacher cards to go with homemade gifts They take any gift up a notch with little effort.

Creative ways to thank our teachers this year including lots of easy homemade gift ideas.

6 DIY holiday gifts just for teachers from the kids


Homemade gifts for kids…from kids

DIY Christmas gifts: Reindeer Jar treats at Hello WonderfulHandmade Reindeer Treat Jars from Hello Wonderful!

12 cool DIY holiday gifts from the kids . . .For parents, grandparents, teachers and friends

How to make DIY Santa slime in a jar The cutest!

DIY holiday classroom gifts for kids to make for classmates

Even more recipes for homemade, non-toxic slime All Borax free.

Cool craft kits for kids who want to make their own gifts this year Great for kids of all ages

9 DIY craft projects for tweens and teens Put those older kids to work sewing and hot-glue-gunning!

The coolest lanyard patterns. Get those keychains going!

DIY Valentine's gifts kids can make: Easy XO painted mug tutorial at The Proper BlogHomemade XOXO mug instructions from the Proper Blog

11 easy gifts kids can make themselves for everyone they love

Sugar skull craft gift ideas for kids who love everything sugar skull

Homemade origami ornament tutorials Angels, Santas, stars and more

Sweet heart-shaped crafts from kids for their BFFs Why wait until Valentine’s Day?


Creative gift wrap and gift tag ideas for all your homemade gifts

DIY chalkboard inspired gift wrap instructions from Bonnie Christine: How to make all gifts feel more homemadeDIY chalkboard inspired gift wrap instructions via Bonnie Christine

100+ of our favorite printable holiday gift tags and gift wrap ideas all in one place Start here, for links to so many incredible roundups we’ve put together over the year

15 beautifully designed printable holiday gift tags, all free. Free!

14 creative gift wrap ideas to give any gift a little more oomph No matter what’s on the inside, the outside feels like a gift too.

10 festive way to package holiday cookies to make them more special From printables that jazz up a plain paper bag, to ways to regift those gift tins

Printable Christmas Cookie gift sleeves from Going Home to Roost
Printable homemade cookie envelope from Going Home to Roost

10 more pretty ways to package holiday cookies for gifting

8 creative ways to wrap a bottle of wine Each one just a little giftier than pulling the bottle out of a plastic bag

Printable holiday gift tags that make small, affordable gifts more homemade Help with gifts right from your drugstore shelves.

Homemade ideas to make 12 of the most popular gift cards more thoughtful


Top image: Samuel Holt via Unsplash