Web Coolness – Photo ideas, iPhone add-ons, and Halloween treats

The Image is Found photoHere are some things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you will too.

Have a lot of photos or kids’ art work to display? Check out these cool ways to show them off.

Do girls only care about cupcakes, ponies and looking cute? A sobering look at the disparity in t-shirt messages marketed to our girls and boys.

Are you getting a shiny new iPhone 4S? Here are Kristen’s recommendations on what you should get next.

Get ready for Halloween with some adorably creative Cake Pops. Just save a few for us, ok?

We love seeing how Jamie Oliver’s school lunch changes are being implemented in Huntington, West Virginia.

Awed and inspired (and a bit freaked out) by the mama who ran 26.2 miles and then gave birth to seven-pound baby.

Disney’s new ad-free kids’ magazine Family Fun Kids is looking for your kids’ submissions to feature in the magazine.

We are the 1%: An inspiring stand being made by some of the super-wealthy, in support of the rest of us.

The Princess Bride is 25 years old? It’s inconceivable!

Love this sweet and unique video birth announcement.


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