snow? Valentine’s Day? Groundhog’s Day? Any time is a good time to
indulge in a little extra sweetness, like these totally sweet picks from
the last week. Bonus: only one of them actually involves calories.

1. Your honey needs some sugar, and that can be in the form of wine,
gourmet chocolates, or… um… super-eco-fabulous luxury watches? Check
out our curated Valentine Gift Guide for AHAlife to see some other choice picks.

2. Girls might be made of sugar, spice, and everything nice, but boys are pretty freakin’ sweet, too. Check out our round-up of Valentine goodies for boys that our readers are adoring.

3. What’s so sinfully delicious that it can make our Editor in Chief say OH GOD YES? Click here to find out.

4. This custom Valentine’s Day artwork
is so sweet that you’ll want to leave the tab open on the browser until
your husband gets the hint and orders one just for you.

5. There’s going to be enough sugar in your kid’s tissue box V-Day mail box to power New York’s A train. Slip these sweetly hip and super-arty tattoos in with your Valentines instead.

6.  Up to 70% off at one of our favorite jewelry designers through February 7? SWEET.

7. What could be sweeter than a baby bunny? These bunny baby gifts in honor of Chinese New Year. Welcome, Year of the Rabbit!

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