Party Peacock!
Whether they’re dog tired after their first week of school or howling like baboons, chances are your house has a lot in common with a zoo this week. Here are five picks you might have missed while tending to your herd.

1. This board game based on the Awkward Family Photos website will have you laughing like a bunch of hyenas.

2. Forget a better mouse trap. We’ve found a better sleep sack.

3. A portable restaurant high chair based on a lobster? We’ll belly up to the table for that!

4. Put this pretty peacock box on your shelf to keep your little monkeys organized.

5. Party animals of all species will love this bouncy new DVD from CMP fave Laurie Berkner.

And don’t forget to check out our Back to School Shopping Guide for great snacks, cool clothes, and helpful gadgets as you send your little fishies back to school. 

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