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It’s not an understatement to say we’re thinking about the air we breathe more than ever. Especially when we’re indoors — which is exactly where we’ll be spending plenty of time this winter. So it’s fantastic to introduce you to the new Kronos AIR 5G Air Purifier.

This whisper-silent, portable home air purifier is beautifully designed, but more importantly, it works beautifully; the Kronos AIR 5G is proven to get rid of 99.99% of impurities in the air.

And no filters to change! (Or to worry about, as they grow mold and bacteria. Yuck.)

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How the Kronos Air Purifier Air 5 eliminates 99.99% of viruses, germs, bacteria, mold, pet dander, dust, and more from the air in your home (sponsor)

Five stages of air purification thoroughly collect and destroy 99.99% of viruses, dust, smoke, pollen, dander (hey pet owners!), odors, and all kinds of bacteria from your home. Its technology even cleans and removes microscopic particles as small as 14.6 nanometers. For comparison, most allergens and bacteria are more than twice that size.

It’s so effective, that Kronos has been selected to provide air purifiers to school districts and other organizations, helping keep school kids safe during Covid.

How fast does it work? The AIR 5G can clean a 400 square-foot room every 20 minutes, but if you need it for a larger space, like a living room, loft space, or basement playroom, no problem — it takes just an hour to clean a 1200 square-foot room.

You’ll know how well it’s working just from checking the air quality LED indicator or the companion app on your phone. And if your room’s air quality could use some improvement, the purifier self-adjusts its fan speed automatically so you don’t have to. Hey, parents are busy these days!


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